Community Engagement

Community Engagement

While Aspen Medical continues to grow, so too has our awareness of the opportunity and responsibility we have to positively contribute to our community. Our team is engaged in a number of activities throughout the year and are encouraged to play an active role in their communities.

Collaborative Campaigns

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) – Corporate Friends Program

Aspen is proud to be part of YMCA’s Corporate Friends program. By contributing to the program it ensures YWCA can continue with their significant work they do in the community. The YWCA of Canberra has been providing community services and representing women’s issues in the Canberra community since its establishment in 1929.

Workplace Giving Programs

Christmas giving

Aspen Medical is proud to support charities in the areas of our operations around Australia and the world. In lieu of Christmas gifts, the Aspen Team happily contributed $4,000 each to the following organisations, and contributes to other causes year round through the Aspen Foundation:

Smith Family Giving Tree

Aspen Medical proudly doubles their Christmas trees in their head office as Smith Family Giving Trees where staff can make a donation of a gift which will go to child in less fortunate circumstances this Christmas. The Aspen team take great pride in knowing they have bought joy into a child’s Christmas.


Aspen Medical has been a proud supporter of People with Disabilities Solomon Islands (PWDSI) for the past two years with one of our staff members volunteering their time for PWDSI in January 2013.

The funding for the self-help groups has enabled people with disabilities to speak more confidently about their rights. It has certainly built their passion to seeing changes for people with disabilities. Aspen will continue to work closely with PWDSI for possible opportunities in the New Year.

Back L-R; Ms Melody Sade (Volunteer), Mr Snoden Tamana (Advocacy Officer) Front L-R; Ms Savina Nongebatu, Mr.Craig Fitzgerald

Walk a Loop

Aspen Medical participated in the annual Walk a Loop on the 1 December 2012. The 5km walk around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin marked International Day of People with a Disability.

Work Place Matching Programs

Aspen Medical offers a dollar for dollar matching donation for all employees making donations or fundraising for approved charities.

Aspen Foundation

The Aspen Foundation has been established to act as a health promotion charity. The Foundation’s mission is to undertake life changing healthcare through significantly reducing or eradicating key illnesses in the Australian community and to provide education for the sustainability of improved health practices.